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  • About Us | NOSMUSC

    About Us The NOSMU Student Council Executive is composed of 17 Executive Members and 8 Class Representatives who are actively involved in event planning, student advocacy, curriculum development, as well as ensuring the wellness of all NOSMU cohorts. Each portfolio is responsible for overseeing one of NOSMU’s many committees on which students sit. ​ For more information on the organization, roles, and responsibilities of the Executive, see our Constitution . Executive Council Year Reps Subcommittee Positions Our Partners Executive Council (2023/24) Julie Leroux President Sarah Herst VP Executive Cory Tremblay VP Internal Melissa Lacasse VP Education Sr. Mackenzie Senior VP External Jr. Danielle Bourgeois-Lapiccirella Secretary Caleigh Bourdon VP Communications Sr. Chad Tremblay VP Finance Sr. Jenna Simpson VP Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Sr. Matthew Jones VP Education Jr. Kaitlyn Zugic VP Global Health Sr. Rachel Peet Past President Brandon Grandinetti VP Communications Jr. Ryan Boudreau VP Finance Jr. Lobna Abdel-Dayem VP Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Jr. Aidan Goertzen VP External Sr. Div Patel VP Global Health Jr. Executive Team Year Reps TBD Year 1 - East Thomas Edwards Year 2 - East Konnor Kennedy Year 3 - East Jamie Lucio Year 4 - East TBD Year 1 - West Cassandra Fenlon Year 2 - West Taylor Murie Year 3 - West Jason Vaillancourt Year 4 - West Year Reps NOSMU Student Committee Positions Committee Positions Representative Contact Information ​ NOSMU Faculty Listings Our Partners The NOSMUSC is proud to be partnered with external organizations that enable opportunities for student involvement and provide discounts on textbooks, question banks, airlines, and hotels. ​ For any questions pertaining to any of the above organizations, please contact the NOSMUSC VP External at Our Partners Updated May 2022

  • NOSMUSC | NOSMU Student Council

    Welcome! Bienvenue! Boozhoo! Established in 2005, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University Student Council (NOSMUSC) is the overarching society for the undergraduate student body of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University (NOSMU)*. Voted by YOU, the Student Body, every year we aim to accomplish the following: NOSMUSC is your advocate in liaising with Faculty and Staff to bring about positive changes to the curriculum, policies, career counseling and wellness. NOSMUSC has a focus on providing a global perspective to health and wellness. We aim to offer countless opportunities for you to learn about, advocate for, and improve global, local, and personal health and wellness. NOSMUSC Executive is elected by YOU every year. Our objective is to focus on YOUR needs and to respond to them as best as we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything! NOSMSC aims to provide you with the resources required to succeed in medical school. We have guides for CCC, clinical skills, and other relevant study resources. Contact Us! First Name Last Name Email Message Send Thanks for submitting! Updated Dec. 2022

  • Upcoming Events | NOSMUSC

    Legen d APPLICA TION & SURVEY DEADLINES EVENT R EGISTRATION DEADLINES EVE NTS Click to download Google Calendars . Other Opportunities OMSA’s NORM Student Feature M ar c h 22 , 2 023 The OMSA’s NORM committee is looking to feature medical students with Northern or rural experience, whether that be studying in Northern/rural areas, completing a Northern/rural placement or previous life experience. Fill out this survey to be featured on their social medias! Canadian Medical Students Against Human Trafficking Recruitment M ar c h 22 , 2 023 Wanted: human rights advocates, strategizers, thinkers, creators and do-ers to join our team of volunteers at Canadian Medical Students Against Human Trafficking! Click here for more information. OMSA: Wellness in Medicine Instagram Page M ar ch 15 , 2 023 OMSA and CFMS have teamed up to run an instagram page dedicated to promoting wellness throughout our unique journeys in medicine. Winners will be contacted via Instagram Direct Messages. Survey Examining the Knowledge, Perception, Challenges, Benefits, and Drawbacks o f Artificia l Intelligence in Ophthalmology Among Medical Students M ar ch 15 , 2 023 You are invited to participate in a research project examining artificial intelligence in ophthalmology education. To participate, you will need to complete this short questionnaire (~10 minutes). Chance to win a $25 gift card. Survey Available for 6 weeks. Menstrual Product Drive for Muskrat Dam First Nation Funds will be used to purchase menstrual kits for the community of Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation. GoFundMe page OMSA Communique Subscribe here to get access to the OMSA monthly newsletter . Elections timeline for external organizations CFMS and OMSA will be having their elections in April / May 2023, if you’re interested in running in an election keep an eye out for more information and reach out if you’d like support preparing your application OMSA Leadership Summit / AGM (Toronto) Elections for OMSA, more information to come CFMS Medical Education Day of Action (Ottawa) Opportunity to meet with Members of Parliament and advocate for issues related to medical training, more information to come Student Rentals Sudbury 2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent Fully furnished and central to the hospital area/grocery stores. Has laundry, parking on site and outdoor space in the front and backyard. Click this link for more information. Thunder Bay Home for Rent Available on January 1, 2023 Algoma Street Please contact or 807-630-2882 for more information. Amethyst Harbour Home for Rent November - June Please contact for more information. Thunder Bay Home for Rent Short term or long term Please contact for more information.

  • More Reimbursement Info | NOSMUSC

    More Info: NOSMUSC Reimbursement Processes Expense Reimbursement Process When it is used: When you have already incurred expenses related to NOSMUSC initiatives; most often utilized for Interest Group reimbursements. Reimbursement requests are to be sent within 30 days of the expense being incurred. ​ How it is used: Download the Excel form to your computer. Complete all cells highlighted in yellow. Please make sure to sign as the requestor (line 35 ). An electronic signature is acceptable. Save as an Excel document. Send to the Most Responsible Person (MRP) for the budget line item, and ensure their signature is provided (line 39 ). If the MRP is not known, please reach out to the VP Finance . - Ex. For IG expenses, the group's president is the MRP. Send an email containing itemized receipts along with the reimbursement form containing both requestor and MRP signatures to . Itemized receipts are required (i.e. receipts that indicate what items were purchased and not a simple debit/credit slip). Credit Card statements are not accepted. What is required: Reimbursement form including signatures of both MRP and requestor. Itemized receipts. Submission within 30 days of when expense(s) incurred. When is funding received: Completed requests are processed within 10-14 days of receipt by the VP Finance - . Student Travel Fund When it is used: To be used following attendance of an approved event: Approved events include, but are not limited to, conferences, seminars, and networking opportunities. E xcludes events where academic credit or certificates are given. You do not require pre-approval , but if you have concerns about whether or not your planned event could be covered, please reach out to the VP Finance - . You do not need to be presenting to be considered for funding. Both virtual and in-person events will be considered for funding. Note , applications are to be made once expenses are incurred and the event has occurred. Exceptions for events to be attended in May , in which case applications are required prior to events occurring for pre-approval . Emails outlining this specific process are sent closer to the deadline to apply. Maximum funding of up to 70% for Domestic Conferences, and up to 50% for International Conferences of applicable expenses. Applicable expenses include, but are not limited to, registration fees, transportation costs, accommodations, and meals (if not included in the registration fee - excluding alcohol). Where it is found: HERE ​ How it is used: Complete the Google Form within 30 days of returning from the event. Email itemized receipts to VP Finance - . i.e. receipts that outline what items were purchased and not credit/debit slips or credit/debit statements When is funding received: The Student Travel Fund Allocation Committee meets 3 times annually. Preliminary funding decisions are made at these meetings and up to $100 of preliminary funding may be provided to applicants following these meetings (usually in December and March). ​ In May of each fiscal year, all applications received for that year are considered in totality and final funding decisions are made. If total applications do not exceed the total amount of funding available ($40,000), each application will receive up to 70% of applicable expenses for domestic events, and up to 50% for international events. If total applications exceed $40,000, then applications may receive less than the maximal amount. ​ ​ In summary, preliminary funding is provided on a semi-annual basis , with the remaining funding received in May/June of the fiscal year. ​ Student Travel Fund - Terms of Reference Updated Dec. 2020

  • NOSMU Subcommittees | NOSMUSC

    NOSMU Subcommittees Your NOSMU subcommittee representatives are committed to improving the learning experience of all undergraduate medical students (UME) at NOSMU. These elected student volunteers are your link to the various academic committees within NOSMU that oversee and develop your educational curriculum and related policy. Subcommittee representatives work to bring your concerns to the appropriate channels with NOSMU, advise NOSMU’s academic committees, and bring pertinent items from committee meetings to the attention of the student body. On this section of the NOSMUSC website you will find an overview figure of all UME Program Committee Governance Structure and portfolio outlines of the student subcommittee representatives, including a description of the focus of their committee and roles/responsibilities. There is also a link to an excel spreadsheet that summarizes previous initiatives and concerns brought forward by NOSMU students. Finally, there are links to many key resources, including Bourinot’s Rules at a glance and the terms of reference for our subcommittees. ​ TO SUBMIT A STUDENT CONCERN, PLEASE SEND A DETAILED MESSAGE TO THE MOST APPROPRIATE REPRESENTATIVE** LISTED BELOW . **If you are unsure which representative is most appropriate, send a message to your year’s UMEC/UMECC representative and they can help direct you! NOSMU Subcommittees Contacts Faculty and Student Contact Info Who are my subcommittee representatives this year? An updated list of subcommittee representatives with contact information can be found here . * Please use your NOSMU email when opening the link. ​ ​ Previous and current student initiatives and concerns Prior to launching a new initiative, or exploring student concerns, please see this tracking tool that outlines previous and current initiatives and concerns brought forward to NOSM UME Subcommittees. * Please use your NOSMU email when opening the link. ​ ​ NOSMU Subcommitees VP Education Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC) and Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum Committee (UMECC) - Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 Student Assessment and Promotion Committee (SAPC) - East and West Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) - Phase 1, 2 and 3 Community Learning Sessions Committee (CLSC) - Year 1 and 2 Northern and Rural Preparation and Implementation Committee (NoRPIC Committee) Postgraduate Education Committee (PGEC) Medical Education Committee for Health Sciences North (MEC for HSN) Interprofessional Practice Committee for Health Sciences North (HSN-IPPC) Research Committee Senate Student East Representative - Laurentian University Senate NOSM Representative + Joint Senate Committee (Senate Student East) VP Equity & Inclusion Indigenous Advisory Council Representative (Indigenous Admission Committee + Indigenous Advisory Council) Francophone Admissions Subcommittee VP Executive Admissions Committee Representative Health Sciences Library Advisory Group Representative Academic Council Representative VP External Government Affairs & Advisory Committee (GAAC) VP Finance Awards Committee Representative Student Travel Fund Allocation Committee Representative VP Global Health Local Officer of Environmental Sustainability (LOES) Local Officer of Global Health Advocacy (LOGHA) Local Exchange Officer (LEO) Local Officer of Global Health Education (LOGHE) Local Officer of Indigenous Health (LOIH) Local Officer of Reproductive and Sexual Health (LORSH) Year Reps Student Graduation Committee - Year 4 Annual Training for Students with Subcommittee Positions Each Fall, an annual “training” session will be held to provide background information on how subcommittees run at NOSMU and how students can effectively engage with their committee members to advocate for student concerns and create positive change for years to come! At the start of the session, outgoing reps will provide “handover” to the incoming reps to ensure longevity and progress of current initiatives. Students are encouraged to email or meet with their committee chairs prior to the scheduled meeting to review concerns / initiatives and obtain more background information if needed. ​ Helpful Links: ​ UME Program Committee Governance Structure Bourinot's Rules at a glance (the rule committees use to keep order and structure to meetings) Student Participation on Committees Statement Phase 1 Committee Terms of Reference Phase 2 Committee Terms of Reference Phase 3 Committee Terms of Reference Committee to Support Student Professionalism Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) Terms of Reference Student Assessment and Promotion Committee (SAPC) Terms of Reference Undergraduate Medical Education Committee (UMEC) Terms of Reference Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum Committee (UMECC) Terms of Reference Theme 6 Committee Terms of Reference ​ **** Please note, students on academic probation cannot be NOSMUSC Reps on committees Updated Apr. 2022

  • Educational Resources | NOSMUSC

    Educational Resources Guides OSCE Prep Notes Clerkship Survival Guide Histology Histology Guide (interactive histo slides) Yale Medical Cell Biology (normal, patho, quizzes) Gross Anatomy BlueLink - University of Michigan Medical School ​​ * may need to open in a private/incognito window Diagnostic Imaging Radiopaedia (?curly B lines) Ultrasound basics Approach to heart ultrasound Slit Lamp Exam Slit lamp exam (overview and patho) Updated Dec. 2021 * Disclaimer - this is a list of suggested resources found to be useful by students. They are by no mean official NOSM resources and we do not own/update this content.

  • Finance | NOSMUSC

    Student Council Fees What the NOSMUSC provides YOU! ​ There are many annual events, and daily behind-the-scene operations that are organized and delivered by the NOSMUSC, below are a few examples: Student Council Fees Wellness Activities CaRMs Preparation Interest Groups Winter Formal Graduation Tutorial Sessions Buddy Events O-Week Activities Advocacy Placement Reviews Students have commented on the multitude of benefits the NOSMUSC brought to their medical school trajectory: “During my years at NOSM, NOSMSC has provided me with funding and support to attend conferences where I was able to network with individuals in my desired field as well as meet fellow NOSM students. These opportunities allowed for mentorship as I progressed through medical school when I was selecting electives and provided me with friendly faces on electives.” – Teaghan Koster, MD 2020 “Without the NOSMSC I would not have been able to explore different areas of interest. From my involvement in multiple interest groups, I was able to determine where my interests lay for my future career” – Anonymous Why should I pay my fees this year? It’s simple, in order for the NOSMUSC to continue to function effectively and provide the services we have always had, we need students to continue to buy into the membership. We want to continue to represent all NOSMU students and provide the same level of quality programming for all students moving forward. The NOSMUSC is responsible for a breadth of services, including Orientation Week, Buddy Events, Student Wellness, and Global Health Initiatives. The NOSMUSC is also responsible for Interest Groups, Social Events (Match Day, Christmas Formals, and Graduation), Lobby Day, and the Student Travel Fund. Through its countless portfolios, the NOSMUSC provides students the opportunity to be involved in a student government, and helps facilitate conversations between faculty, administrators and students. Beyond the events and initiatives, the NOSMUSC is an important advocate for all students locally, provincially, and nationally, and offers you the opportunity to get involved in setting your medical education. ​ How much do I need to pay? The NOSMUSC relies upon students to fund many of the initiatives it undertakes. While historically these fees were included in tuition, legislative change in the summer of 2018 has required the NOSMUSC to directly collect fees from students. As such, the NOSMUSC charges a one-time NOSMUSC Student Fee of $400 to incoming first year students and this fee covers your entire term at NOSMU. In addition to the NOSMUSC Student Fee, as a NOSMU student you are also a member of the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). As such you are required to pay a one-time CFMS Membership Due of $80 which also covers your entire term at NOSMU. How do I pay? To be able to attend any NOSMUSC delivered event, including Interest Groups and certain Social Events, we will restrict access to these events to “Active and Paying” NOSMUSC members . In essence, ONLY those students who provide student fees to the NOSMUSC will have access to these services. At this time we are asking all first year students who have not already done so, to please send an e-transfer of $480.00 to the NOSMUSC VP Finance at . Please set the password as NOSMUSC and include your name and email in the message section of the e-transfer if available. Questions or concerns? If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the NOSMUSC President at or the VP Finance at Updated Dec. 2020

  • Wellness | NOSMUSC

    Student Wellness We acknowledge that it can be challenging to reach out for help, and that sometimes it is unclear what resources are available to students. Please see the Infograph below for a summary of mental health resources available to NOSMU students provided by the Mental Health Interest Group . ​ NOSMU Student Wellness page NOSMU Well app NOSMU Mental Health Resources ​ Feel free to reach out at any time to any of your Wellness Year Reps or the Learner Wellness Committee Chair ! ​ ​ Updated Sept 2022 © 2021 by NOSMUSC. Proudly created with ​ ​

  • Contact Us | NOSMUSC

    Contact Us NOSMUSC is created by the students for the students, consequently, we would like to hear from YOU! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the VP Communications at Let's Chat! Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send Updated Dec. 2021

  • Health Benefits | NOSMUSC

    Health Benefits NOSMUSC is excited to be offering Health Benefits Coverage to all NOSM University UME, NODIP and Graduate Students as of September 2022. To make a claim please visit the NOSMU Health Benefits page here . The NOSMUSC Health Benefits Plan NOSMUSC will be offering a Health Benefits Plan to students through WeSpeakStudent. We will have both a Base Health Benefits Plan, and a Flex Plan. These plans differ in the distribution between coverages for dental, drug, vision, etc. Students will automatically be enrolled in the Base Plan. If students would like to switch to the Flex Plan that can be done from September 1st-30th, 2022 and can be completed on the NOSMU Health Benefits page . ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Fees and Enrollment For Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Students, Fees are paid directly to NOSM University and collected as part of student ancillary fees when tuition is paid. Students will be automatically enrolled in the plan as of September 1, 2022. For NODIP students for the 2022-2023 school year only, students will need to opt-in to the health benefits plan. Details will be communicated directly through the registrar's office. Can I opt-out of the Health Benefits Plan? If students have Health Benefits coverage through another means (e.g. parents, spouse, etc.) they can opt out of the NOSMU plan, but must show proof of this to be eligible to opt-out. Opt-out period will be September 1st-30th, 2022. Students will opt-out directly through the NOSMUSC Health Benefits page For any students being the academic year in January, a second opt-out period will be offered from January 1-31st, 2023. Students who opt-out of the Health Benefits Plan will be refunded via direct deposit through WeSpeakStudent. Can I add a dependent to my plan (spouse, children, etc.)? Dependents can be added to your plan, the cost to do so is paid directly through WeSpeakStudent on the NOSMUSC Health Benefits page during the Opt-In/Opt-Out period from September 1st-30th, 2022. How do I make a claim? To make a claim please visit the NOSMU Health Benefits page . ​ Group Plan Details: Group ID: 514563 Certificate ID is based on your *NEW Student # through NOSM University: 00#####SOM If you'd like to download your Student Benefit Card with the details, it can be found here . Coverage begins September 1st, 2022. Please see here for full details of the NOSMUSC Health Benefits Plan. Updated Sept 2022

  • External Updates | NOSMUSC

    External Updates Here you will find updates from our external partners . OMSA The Ontario Medical Student Association (OMSA) is excited to announce the 6th annual MSERG Call for Applications in partnership with the AMS Healthcare, OMA Insurance and the CMA. The 2021 MSERG will provide grants valued at $5,000 each to fund nine projects designed by Ontario medical students. Of the 9 MSERG awards, at least one award will go to a student project from each of the 6 Ontario medical schools, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria. The deadline to apply is APRIL 11th, 2022. Applications can be found at Application form: ​ Please feel free to contact if you have questions. CMA The Canadian Medical Association is the national voice of the medical profession. Their focus is on creating strong and accessible health systems, fostering well-being and diversity in medical culture, and ensuring every person in Canada has equal opportunity to be healthy. In partnership with physicians, medical learners, patients and others, they advance these goals through advocacy, knowledge sharing and granting. For more information, please visit the CMA . Updated Jan. 2022

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