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  • Rentals | NOSMUSC

    Student Rentals Thunder Bay 5-Bedroom Home for Rent - Port Arthur Available August 2024 Large home perfect for up to 5 students, located in the heart of Port Arthur Close to many amenities and bus routes. Only minutes away from NOSM University. Some rooms boast views of Lake Superior. Rent is 3600 per month. See pictures here . Please contact or 807-630-2882 for more information. Sudbury 4-Bedroom Home for Rent Fully furnished including beds, sheets, pillows, full kitchen, living room couches, kitchen table, laundry on site. Located on Central Ave, ~10 minute walk to LU campus. Please contact for more information.

  • Student of the Semester | NOSMUSC

    Students of the Semester Claire is a 2nd year student on the West Campus, and is celebrated by her peers for her unwavering kindness, exceptional work ethic, and commitment to bettering any space she is in. She contributes to her community through various organizations including Compass North, the Rural and Family Medicine Interest Groups and NOSMU Student Council. Claire is committed to research through projects like "She Matters" focusing on sexual assault kit availability in Northwestern Ontario, her work with the Compass North Student-Led Clinic investigating health literacy in Northwestern Ontario and the dynamics of self-compassion versus other-compassion among medical learners at NOSMU. When given an opportunity, Claire will find a way to give back to her community. Simon is a 2nd year student on the East Campus who is known for his support of his peers. Simon contributes to peer teaching with the Anatomy Teaching Group, mentoring students and the development of mock assessments for his class to study. Outside of the classroom Simon started a monthly recognition program highlighting his peers accomplishments and contributions. Furthermore, he is recognised for his commitment to research, as he was selected to represent NOSMU at the Canadian Medical Student Research Competition for his publication on probiotics and Type II Diabetes. Beyond the NOSMU community Simon serves as the ambassador for the Sudbury Action Center for Youth (SACY). In this role, he helped to create and facilitate events that provided support to vulnerable youth. Overall, Simon continues to better the community at NOSMU, in Sudbury. The NOSMUSC is proud to highlight student excellence! Although only 2 students were selected, we would like to acknowledge the many students at NOSMU that contribute positively to the student sphere.

  • NOSMUSC | NOSMU Student Council

    Welcome! Bienvenue! Boozhoo! Established in 2005, the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University Student Council (NOSMUSC) is the overarching society for the undergraduate student body of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine University (NOSMU)*. Voted by YOU, the Student Body, every year we aim to accomplish the following: NOSMUSC is your advocate in liaising with Faculty and Staff to bring about positive changes to the curriculum, policies, career counseling and wellness. NOSMUSC has a focus on providing a global perspective to health and wellness. We aim to offer countless opportunities for you to learn about, advocate for, and improve global, local, and personal health and wellness. NOSMUSC Executive is elected by YOU every year. Our objective is to focus on YOUR needs and to respond to them as best as we can. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything! NOSMSC aims to provide you with the resources required to succeed in medical school. We have guides for CCC, clinical skills, and other relevant study resources. Contact Us! First Name Last Name Message Email Send Thanks for submitting! Updated Aug. 2023

  • About Us | NOSMUSC

    About Us The NOSMU Student Council Executive is composed of 17 Executive Members and 8 Class Representatives who are actively involved in event planning, student advocacy, curriculum development, as well as ensuring the wellness of all NOSMU cohorts. Each portfolio is responsible for overseeing one of NOSMU’s many committees on which students sit. ​ For more information on the organization, roles, and responsibilities of the Executive, see our Constitution . Executive Council Year Reps Subcommittee Positions Our Partners Executive Council (2024/25) Cassandra Fenlon President Emily Hunt VP Finance Jr. Stevie Giles VP External Jr. Div Patel VP Global Health Sr. Savanah Tillberg VP Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Jr. Unfilled Position Secretary Matthew Redmond VP Executive Cory Tremblay VP Student Affairs Matthew Jones VP Education Sr. Tiana Bressan VP Global Health Jr. Brandon Grandinetti VP Communications Sr. Julie Leroux Past President Ryan Boudreau VP Finance Sr. Mackenzie Senior VP External Sr. Mateo Newbery Orrantia VP Education Jr. Lobna Abdel-Dayem VP Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Sr. Brooklyn Ranta VP Communications Jr. Executive Team Year Reps Year Reps TBD Year 1 - East Meagan McGaughey Year 2 - East Thomas Edwards Year 3 - East Konnor Kennedy Year 4 - East TBD Year 1 - West Angus Foster Year 2 - West Claire Poulin Year 3 - West Taylor Murie Year 4 - West NOSMU Student Committee Positions Committee Positions Our Partners The NOSMUSC is proud to be partnered with external organizations that enable opportunities for student involvement and provide discounts on textbooks, question banks, airlines, and hotels. ​ For any questions pertaining to any of the above organizations, please contact the NOSMUSC VP External at Our Partners Updated April 2024

  • Contact Us | NOSMUSC

    Contact Us NOSMUSC is created by the students for the students, consequently, we would like to hear from YOU! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the VP Communications at Let's Chat! Email Social Media First Name Last Name Email Message Thanks for submitting! Send Updated Dec. 2021

  • Educational Resources | NOSMUSC

    Educational Resources Guides OSCE Prep Notes Clerkship Survival Guide Histology Histology Guide (interactive histo slides) Yale Medical Cell Biology (normal, patho, quizzes) Gross Anatomy BlueLink - University of Michigan Medical School ​​ * may need to open in a private/incognito window Diagnostic Imaging Radiopaedia (?curly B lines) Ultrasound basics Approach to heart ultrasound Slit Lamp Exam Slit lamp exam (overview and patho) * this is a list of suggested resources found to be useful by students. They are by no mean official NOSM resources and we do not own/update this content.

  • Finance | NOSMUSC

    Student Council Fees What the NOSMUSC provides YOU! ​ There are many annual events, and daily behind-the-scene operations that are organized and delivered by the NOSMUSC, below are a few examples: Student Council Fees Wellness Activities CaRMs Preparation Interest Groups Winter Formal Graduation Tutorial Sessions Buddy Events O-Week Activities Advocacy Placement Reviews

  • West O-week | NOSMUSC

    Orientation Week West Campus


    Frequently Asked Questions

  • East O-week | NOSMUSC

    Orientation Week East Campus

  • More Reimbursement Info | NOSMUSC

    Expense Reimbursement Process When it is used: When you have already incurred expenses related to NOSMUSC initiatives; most often utilized for Interest Group reimbursements. Reimbursement requests are to be sent within 30 days of the expense being incurred. How it is used: Download the Excel form to your computer. Complete all cells highlighted in yellow. Please make sure to sign as the requestor (line 35 ). An electronic signature is acceptable. Save as an Excel document. Send to the Most Responsible Person (MRP) for the budget line item, and ensure their signature is provided (line 39 ) . If the MRP is not known, please reach out to the VP Finance . - Ex. For IG expenses, the group's president is the MRP. Send an email containing itemized receipts along with the reimbursement form containing both requestor and MRP signatures to . Itemized receipts are required (i.e. receipts that indicate what items were purchased and not a simple debit/credit slip). Credit Card statements are not accepted. What is required: Reimbursement form including signatures of both MRP and requestor. Itemized receipts. Submission within 30 days of when expense(s) incurred. When is funding received: Completed requests are processed within 10-14 days of receipt by the VP Finance - . Student Travel Fund When it is used: To be used following attendance of an approved event: Approved events include, but are not limited to, conferences, seminars, and networking opportunities. E xcludes events where academic credit or certificates are given. You do not require pre-approval , but if you have concerns about whether or not your planned event could be covered, please reach out to the VP Finance - . You do not need to be presenting to be considered for funding. Both virtual and in-person events will be considered for funding. Note , applications are to be made once expenses are incurred and the event has occurred. Exceptions for events to be attended in May , in which case applications are required prior to events occurring for pre-approval . Emails outlining this specific process are sent closer to the deadline to apply. Maximum funding of up to 70% for Domestic Conferences, and up to 50% for International Conferences of applicable expenses. Applicable expenses include, but are not limited to, registration fees, transportation costs, accommodations, and meals (if not included in the registration fee - excluding alcohol). Where it is found: HERE ​ How it is used: Complete the Google Form within 30 days of returning from the event. Email itemized receipts to VP Finance - . i.e. receipts that outline what items were purchased and not credit/debit slips or credit/debit statements When is funding received: The Student Travel Fund Allocation Committee meets 3 times annually. Preliminary funding decisions are made at these meetings and up to $100 of preliminary funding may be provided to applicants following these meetings (usually in December and March). ​ In May of each fiscal year, all applications received for that year are considered in totality and final funding decisions are made. If total applications do not exceed the total amount of funding available ($40,000), each application will receive up to 70% of applicable expenses for domestic events, and up to 50% for international events. If total applications exceed $40,000, then applications may receive less than the maximal amount. ​ ​ In summary, preliminary funding is provided on a semi-annual basis , with the remaining funding received in May/June of the fiscal year. ​ Student Travel Fund - Terms of Reference

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