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NOSMUSC Documents

To access the NOSMUSC documents, you will need to use your NOSMU Google Drive access once you select the document you wish to view below.

NOSMU Constitution, for a complete list of all NOSMUSC policies, by-laws, and organizational structure.


Meeting minutes, for details on items discussed during NOSMUSC monthly meetings.

Motions, for details on actions taken by the NOSMUSC.

NOSMUSC budget, for details on NOSMUSC spending and revenue.


Reimbursement Forms

For information or clarification on any of the reimbursement options, please contact the NOSMUSC VP Finance at

Please note: Use the Travel Grant Funding form to apply for reimbursement in relation to conference attendance (more info HERE).

Please use this Excel form when submitting for reimbursement​ for expenses already incurred related to NOSMUSC initiatives; most often utilized for Interest Group (IG) reimbursements.

Click here for more information.

This reimbursement form should be used by Interest Groups (IG) who have external funding that is stored in the NOSMUSC Banking Account

  • The President/Chair of the IG must sign the form and submit it to the NOSMUSC VP Finance at

  • No receipts required

If you have recently attended a conference and would like funding support from the NOSMUSC, complete this Google form:

  • This funding does not apply to electives, SEEs, clinical placements or courses, international exchanges, or the Ontario Medical Student Weekend (OMSW).

  • You may only claim one conference per form.

    • To apply for funding for multiple conferences, please complete a new form for each.​

  • Terms of reference 

Click here for more information

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