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Interest Groups

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Interest Group Renewals and New Applications are now CLOSED for the 2023-2024 school year.

Notification of IG status will be released soon.


For more information contact

The NOSMUSC sponsors a variety of clubs and interest groups so our learners can explore different medical specialties and special topics in healthcare. Information on the current NOSMUSC approved student groups are listed below.

There are 2 primary ways you can be involved in an interest group:

  1. General Member: Members attend events organized by the interest group. 

  2. Executive Member: If you are interested in taking on more a leadership role for a specific interest group, please email the contact for that specific interest group.

Note that to participate either as an executive or general member requires that your fees for NOSMUSC be paid. For information regarding student fee payments please visit our Student Council Fees section.


Click HERE to access the room booking request form.


Click HERE for information on overarching interest group goals (such as increasing event attendance, efficient spending, email fatigue and considerations for EDI), room booking, reimbursement requests, external funding attestations forms and requesting additional NOSMUSC funds. 

Addiction Medicine

Amanda Fluke & Alex Klem

Altitude Healthcare Mentoring Program

Emma Harland & Danika Lavoie 

Anatomy Teaching Group
Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine Interest Group
Choosing Wisely Interest Group

 Nathan Jeffery

Compass North Student-Led Health Outreach
Critical Care Interest Group

Samuel Hebert & Ashley Perrault

Dermatology Interest Group

Taylor McGaughey & Heather Lex

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Jacob Belanger & Tyler Randle

Evidence Based Medicine Interest Group

Samuel Hebert & Allie Chown

Family Medicine Interest Group

Claire Poulin & Felix Lavigne

Francophone Health – Groupe d’intérêt sur la santé des francophone

Gabrielle McDonald & Janik Dufour

Geriatric Interest Group

Ashley Benard-Legris

Internal Medicine Interest Group/ACP Council of Student Members

Allie Chown & Mel Lacasse

Mental Health Interest Group
Neurology Interest Group

Christine Arbour

NOSM x AWS (Association of Women Surgeons)

Brieanne Olibris & Alyssa Labelle

NOSM Friends of MSF

Kara Passi & John Lapp

Oncology Interest Group

Danika Lavoie

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Daniel Lamoureux & Nicole Costanzo

Orthopaedic Surgery Interest group

Janelle Lazor & Kathryn Culliton

Otolaryngology Interest Group
Palliative Care Interest Group

Ella Proulx & Simone Smith

Pathology Interest Group

Davide Marchese & Kalem Barrow

Pediatrics Interest Group

Katie Zugic & Alyssa Labelle

Personal Finance 101

Ashley Wallace & Kathryn Culliton

Physiatry and Sports Medicine Society

Laura Deschamps & Mary Grannary

Point of Care Ultrasound Interest Group

Sophie Thomas & Mackenzie Senior

Public Health & Preventive Medicine

 Talia Di Marco

Queer in Medicine Interest Group (QiMIG)

Tyler Pretty & Andrew Watson

Racial Equity in Medicine
Radiology Interest Group

Konnor Kennedy & Dylan Siltamaki

Reach Accès Zhibbi (RAZ)

Tyler Pretty & Kimberly Friesen

Rural Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Sophie Thomas & Brody Laberge

Rural Medicine Interest Group
Simulation Interest Group

Mackenzie Senior

Surgical Interest Group

Daniel Tappenden & Samuel Hebert

Urology Interest Group

Anastasia MacDonald & Ryan Boudreau

Wilderness and Outdoor Recreation Medical Society (WORMS)

Sophie Thomas & Liam Nicol

Women and Children's Health Interest Group

Claire Walsh & Hannah Roberts

Women in Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Michaela McGillis

4000 Red Beads
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