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NOSMU Subcommittees

Your NOSMU subcommittee representatives are committed to improving the learning experience of all undergraduate medical students (UME) at NOSMU. These elected student volunteers are your link to the various academic committees within NOSMU that oversee and develop your educational curriculum and related policy. Subcommittee representatives work to bring your concerns to the appropriate channels with NOSMU, advise NOSMU’s academic committees, and bring pertinent items from committee meetings to the attention of the student body.


On this section of the NOSMUSC website you will find an overview figure of all UME Program Committee Governance Structure and portfolio outlines of the student subcommittee representatives, including a description of the focus of their committee and roles/responsibilities. There is also a link to an excel spreadsheet that summarizes previous initiatives and concerns brought forward by NOSMU students. Finally, there are links to many key resources, including Bourinot’s Rules at a glance and the terms of reference for our subcommittees. 

Annual Training for Students with Subcommittee Positions


Each Fall, an annual “training” session will be held to provide background information on how subcommittees run at NOSMU and how students can effectively engage with their committee members to advocate for student concerns and create positive change for years to come! At the start of the session, outgoing reps will provide “handover” to the incoming reps to ensure longevity and progress of current initiatives. 


Students are encouraged to email or meet with their committee chairs prior to the scheduled meeting to review concerns or initiatives and obtain more background information if needed.

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