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About Us

The NOSMU Student Council Executive is composed of 17 Executive Members and 8 Class Representatives who are actively involved in event planning, student advocacy, curriculum development, as well as ensuring the wellness of all NOSMU cohorts. Each portfolio is responsible for overseeing one of NOSMU’s many committees on which students sit.

For more information on the organization, roles, and responsibilities of the Executive, see our Constitution.

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Executive Council (2023/24)

Julie Leroux

Julie Leroux

  • President email



Sarah Herst

  • VP Executive

VP Executive

NOSM Headshot - Cory Tremblay.jpg

Cory Tremblay

  • 584856b4e0bb315b0f7675ac_edited

VP Internal

Melissa Lacasse

Melissa Lacasse

  • VP Education Sr

VP Education Sr.

Mackenzie Senior.jpg

Mackenzie Senior

  • VP External Jr.

VP External Jr.


Danielle Bourgeois-Lapiccirella

  • Secretary


Caleigh Bourdon

Caleigh Bourdon

  • VP Communications

VP Communications Sr.

Chad Tremblay

Chad Tremblay

  • VP Finance Sr.

VP Finance Sr.


Jenna Simpson

  • VP Equity & Inclusion Sr.

VP Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Sr.


Matthew Jones

  • VP Education Jr

VP Education Jr.

Katie Zugic

Kaitlyn Zugic

  • VP Global Health Sr.

VP Global Health Sr.


Rachel Peet

  • Past President

Past President


Brandon Grandinetti

  • VP Communications

VP Communications Jr.

Ryan Boudreau.jpg

Ryan Boudreau

  • VP Finance Jr.

VP Finance Jr.


Lobna Abdel-Dayem

  • VP Equity & Inclusion Jr

VP Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Jr.


Aidan Goertzen

  • VP External Sr.

VP External Sr.

Student ID for NOSM - Div Patel.jpg

Div Patel

  • VP Global Health Jr.

VP Global Health Jr.

Executive Team

Year Reps

NOSMUSC crest (blue).png


  • Y1E email

Year 1 - East


Thomas Edwards

  • Y2E

Year 2 - East


Konnor Kennedy

  • Y3E

Year 3 - East

Jamie Lucio

Jamie Lucio

  • Y4E

Year 4 - East

NOSMUSC crest (blue).png


  • Y1W

Year 1 - West


Cassandra Fenlon

  • Y2W

Year 2 - West


Taylor Murie

  • Y3W

Year 3 - West


Jason Vaillancourt

  • Y4W

Year 4 - West

Year Reps
Committee Positions

Our Partners

The NOSMUSC is proud to be partnered with external organizations that enable opportunities for student involvement and provide discounts on textbooks, question banks, airlines, and hotels. 

For any questions pertaining to any of the above organizations, please contact the
NOSMUSC VP External at

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Our Partners

Updated May 2022

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