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Students of the Semester


Claire is a 2nd year student on the West Campus, and is celebrated by her peers for her unwavering kindness, exceptional work ethic, and commitment to bettering any space she is in. She contributes to her community through various organizations including Compass North, the Rural and Family Medicine Interest Groups and NOSMU Student Council. Claire is committed to research through projects like "She Matters" focusing on sexual assault kit availability in Northwestern Ontario, her work with the Compass North Student-Led Clinic investigating health literacy in Northwestern Ontario and the dynamics of self-compassion versus other-compassion among medical learners at NOSMU. When given an opportunity, Claire will find a way to give back to her community.


Simon is a 2nd year student on the East Campus who is known for his support of his peers. Simon contributes to peer teaching with the Anatomy Teaching Group, mentoring students and the development of mock assessments for his class to study. Outside of the classroom Simon started a monthly recognition program highlighting his peers accomplishments and contributions. Furthermore, he is recognised for his commitment to research, as he was selected to represent NOSMU at the Canadian Medical Student Research Competition for his publication on probiotics and Type II Diabetes. Beyond the NOSMU community Simon serves as the ambassador for the Sudbury Action Center for Youth (SACY). In this role, he helped to create and facilitate events that provided support to vulnerable youth. Overall, Simon continues to better the community at NOSMU, in Sudbury.


The NOSMUSC is proud to highlight student excellence! Although only 2 students were selected, we would like to acknowledge the many students at NOSMU that contribute positively to the student sphere.

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