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Ontario Medical Student Association Mentorship Program

  • This program aims to establish one-on-one relationships between Ontario medical students and physicians/residents based on professional, clinical, and personal interests with the goal being to provide direct support and mentorship specifically tailored to students’ goals.

  • Sign-up form

  • Deadline: January 15, 2023​

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Rural Outreach and Mentorship Initiative Program through the Society of Rural Physicians of Canada

  • Mentorship to high school students from rural areas about the transition to post-secondary education and careers in medicine by connecting them with medical students from across Canada

  • Sign-up here if you're interested in becoming a mentor

  • Minimum monthly commitment for mentors: 2 hours

  • Program runs until May

  • For more information, please email 

  • ​This group serves as a place to learn about new opportunities including events, scholarships, and more!

Updated Nov. 2022

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